terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010


It’s almost summer and some people still look like they are in hell. Come on, wake up, put the bad mood down, and enjoy your life. Sing aloud your favorites songs and dance like anybody can’t see you. Smile. Just smile and maybe your life can be more colorful.

Some people just forget how beautiful the life can be and how gorgeous is the world around us. They just can’t remember that they can change the world, or, at least, they can change themselves. Your boyfriend is a jerk? Fuck him! You’re beautiful and the world is your, look for someone who really loves you, love for yourself and find you own love. Is your girlfriend a really narcissist person? Who only thinks about herself? Hey you are really hot guy; you can do better than this. Forget her and just enjoy. I could bet that there are a lot of girls who could die for you. Kiss all but just with love who really deserve.

Love your life, yours friends, your family. Love your smile and every single kind word. Be kind.

Remember that there is just one life, and pass so fast, you can’t lose this.

Come on, life is now! Turn the radio on, dress your better cloths, and go out. See the city and enjoy every moment.

Remember me! Cause I’ll never forget you.

Be cool and do you really wanna know? FUCK OFF what people thinks! It’s your life and it’s almost summer ;)

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